May 3, 2017

About Us



Restore Sight Inc. provides surgical and medical vision care to people in need around the world. These individuals lack the most basic elements of health care. Modern medical procedures are a luxury many do not have the means to attain. Over 2,000 people are screened per trip, depending on their visual needs, they are then scheduled for surgery or corrected with donated glasses. These procedures include cataract surgery, pterygium removal, strabismus correction, ptosis, blephoroplasty, and orbital surgeries. Dr. Sifri has been actively participating on the missions in conjunction with the Lions Club since 2002. In that time nearly 2,860 people have been given the gift of sight with these life changing operations, and well over 23,500 people have been impacted. The benefit of the procedures transcends the obvious medical benefit. The socioeconomic impact will endure for years to come. We truly are saving eyes, changing lives. With renewed vision, patients are able to better contribute to society leading to an improved economic state for the country as a whole.



Our Story

Restore Sight was founded in 2014 by Dr. Michael Sifri. After participating on missions for 12 years it was abundantly clear to Dr. Sifri that the impoverished people of Central America and beyond needed a helping force. With the help of the Lions Club,  many other medical doctors, resident doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff thousands of lives have been changed, and the gift of sight restored. We provide more than just restored sight, we restore hope.


Our missions would not be possible without donations from people like you. Please visit our donations page for more information.



Michael D. Sifri, M.D.



Lauren S. Kuley, Esq.


Fred Vickery, CPA

Fred Vickery, CPA


How you can help

There are many ways you can donate to Restore Sight, we accept monetary donations as well as donations of your time. Contact us directly for volunteer options.