A note from Dr. Iscoa

As hard as it may seem to believe, there are close to 700 million people around the world who are blind or visually impaired, simply because they don’t have access to an eye evaluation or to any medical care for that matter.
Restore Sight supports mission groups that visit a couple of small towns in two Central American countries: Honduras and El Salvador. Our goal is to reach all those people who can’t even dream of getting quality eye care, by providing it for them.
The mission crew is made up of a group of talented and generous doctors, nurses and support staff from Cincinnati, Ohio, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Augusta, Georgia. We also count with the support of the Ft Wayne, Indiana Lions Club VOSH (volunteer optometrists serving humanity) crew, who not only help with the screening of so many people but also provide many prescription and reading glasses to all who need them.
This year’s 2017 mission, was another success for the books. Although we missed our VOSH fellows, we still brought our full surgical team down to Comayagua, Honduras on March 3rd-12th. There were at least 500 people screened and 160 surgeries performed, including cataract surgery, strabismus surgery, pterygium surgery and a couple corneal transplants. We also took the time to visit two orphanages in this town, we brought them some baseball hats and toys and stickers and hope to have made their day.
Many thanks to all of you who have donated to our cause. Remember, no donation is to small or to big to Save Eyes. Change Lives.
-Dr. Jacqueline Iscoa